Linja Gifts & Foods Linja Gifts & Foods not only features a variety of unique Asian & Chinese foods and gifts, it is the largest souvenir shop in Saint John, New Brunswick.
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Come and visit us in the Saint John City Market and find souvenirs, Asiand & Chinese food ingredients, gift baskets, and unique gifts from the orient.

City Market’s Only Exotic Chinese Food, Gifts & Souvenir Centre

Souvenir Centre

Linja Gifts & Foods carries a wide selection of Canadian souvenirs, including Saint John New Brunswick and Canada apparel, cups, spoons, unique gifts, and post cards. Not only does Linja Gifts & Foods have the largest selection of souvenirs but we have the best prices. Visitors of Saint John would be remised not to visit the Saint John City Market and Linja Gifts & Foods Souvenir Center

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Asian & Chinese Food

If you like Chinese food, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese or other Asian cusine, Linja Gifts & Foods is where you need to go to buy authentic Chinese grocery and ingredients to make your favourite dishes, such as wonton, curry, pad thai, spring rolls. If you are looking for Chinese or other Asian recipes, be sure to check out Alice’s recipes.

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Asian Gift Baskets

Linja Gifts & Foods carry gift baskets for all occasions. Our gift baskets are Asian and Chinese themed, complete with recipes and everything a person would need to create their own Chinese dish. We have a wide range of gift baskets in a variety of prices. If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know and we will help you design your own custom gift basket.

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Gifts from the Orient

If you are looking for unique and exotic gift ware, Linja Gifts & Foods has what you need. We carry a variety of gift items from the orient from real hand carved jade tea sets to chopsticks and decorative home items.

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